A Learning Style Survey for College

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1.I would rather read material in a textbook than listen to a lecture.OftenSometimesSeldom
2.I benefit from studying with a partner or study group.OftenSometimesSeldom
3. In my spare time, I like to do projects that involve using my hands (e.g. painting, constructing, using tools, etc.)..OftenSometimesSeldom
4.I find graphs and diagrams useful in clarifying concepts.OftenSometimesSeldom
5.I benefit more from lab classes than lecture classes.OftenSometimesSeldom
6. I find it useful to read out loud when reading a textbook.OftenSometimesSeldom
7. Reviewing information on flashcards helps me remember it..OftenSometimesSeldom
8. I like solving mazes or jigsaw puzzles.OftenSometimesSeldom
9. I can find the mistakes in my written work.OftenSometimesSeldom
10.I find myself talking out loud when studying by myself.OftenSometimesSeldom
11.As a child, I liked to engage in physical activities during my free time.OftenSometimesSeldom
12. I would rather listen to a book on tape than read itOftenSometimesSeldom
13. I like solving crossword or word search puzzles.OftenSometimesSeldom
14. I tend to doodle” during lecture by drawing on my notebook pages.OftenSometimesSeldom
15. When trying to remember a phone number, I “let my fingers do the walking,” i.e. my fingers seem to remember the number on their own.OftenSometimesSeldom
16. As a child, I liked to read books during my free time.OftenSometimesSeldom
17. I would rather listen to a lecture than read the material in a book.OftenSometimesSeldom
18. I can use a map effectively to get myself to a new location.OftenSometimesSeldom
19. As a child, I liked to listen to stories told to me, or stories on tape, record player, or radio.OftenSometimesSeldom
20. When learning a new skill, I would rather watch someone demonstrate the skill than listen to someone tell me how to do it.OftenSometimesSeldom
21. When trying to remember a phone number, I can “see” the number sequence in my head, or I “see” the way the numbers look on the phone.OftenSometimesSeldom
22. When trying to remember how to spell a word, I spell the letters with my finger in the air or on a table top.OftenSometimesSeldom
23. If I have to learn how to assemble something, I would rather look at a diagram than listen to someone tell me how to put it together.OftenSometimesSeldom
24. When trying to remember how to spell a word, I write down the word using alternative spellings until I see the spelling sequence I think is correct.OftenSometimesSeldom
25. When trying to remember a phone number, I “hear” the number sequence in my head in the way someone told me the number, or in the way I previously recited the number out loud.OftenSometimesSeldom
26. I like “hands on” learning better than learning from lecture or textbook.OftenSometimesSeldom
27. I would rather have written directions than oral directions.OftenSometimesSeldom
28. When trying to remember how to spell a word, I say the letters or sounds out loud until I think I’ve got the spelling right.OftenSometimesSeldom
29. I learn better by doing than observing.OftenSometimesSeldom
30. As a child, I liked to play with puzzles in my free time.OftenSometimesSeldom
31. When taking a test, I can “see” the answer in my head as it appeared in my notes or textbook when I studied.OftenSometimesSeldom
32.I learn best when physical activity is involved.OftenSometimesSeldom